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Friends and Schoolmates call me VATSON !!!

Opportunity and Competition are the two distinct outlets to utilize a person’s professional expertise and capabilities to the fore.

Most of us consider School, College and other tournaments as the forum for professional sports competition. But, mention the word competition, including children's sports, and you’re likely to get a brownie look and brick bats from others.

Looking back, I have developed a deep appreciation for what competition can do for individuals, and I strongly believe that society is losing sight of the very positive role Competition can play in our lives and those of our children.

Competition in one form or another is responsible for our country’s success in business, academics and forms the foundation of our excellence in every other field that we thrive.

Have a strong feeling that there exists a difference between pressuring a child to be competitive and allowing a child to use his or her natural competitive instincts to the fullest advantage to perform exemplarily well in the chosen field.

Today, INDIA is desperately looking for younger generation for making it into the world’s top League in Sports and Games. The problem is that today’s Teens have lost the attitude and intention to compete for National competition, barring a select very few.

It is quite evident that they simply did not get the opportunity and competitive training early enough to be able to now challenge players from other countries that train their sports men and women and athletes to compete at a very young age.

Individualism and competition still is the driving force behind what makes a country great. To successfully compete is everyone's dream and to successfully win is what everyone aspires to.